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Record the road, protect yourself from false accusations and even save money insurance.

Drive stress-free with DRiVR’s dash cam.

With DRiVR you have another set of eyes on the road, without the hassle of an SD card. Get instant detection and recording of dangerous events like crashes or hard brakes and free storage of these clips on the cloud. Joining DRiVR is easy – all you need to do is download the free DRiVR AI app, mount it on the DRiVR’s Window mount and you’re ready to go!

  • Instant video evidence on your phone
  • Access to your recordings from any device
  • Free cloud backup for important events
  • Speed analysis reports
  • Collision reports
  • Much more!

Why Choose Us

Be Proactive.

Community-based AI dash-cam
Captures, records, rates and scores driving performances
Cloud and loop recording
Real time notifications
Alerts drivers to accidents, hazards and driving conditions
Integrated navigation & mapping
Split & single screen modes
Front, rear & dual recording
Audio recording

Be Protected.

Accident Documentation Platform:
Take Photos & Videos
Document Injuries (with pain indicator)
Capture Driver’s License
Capture License Plate Information
Capture Insurance Information
Recorded Witness Statements
Police Reports & More

Connects Users to Service Providers.
Creates a full report, in a single transferable file.
Streamlines the claims process.

Be Connected.

At Its Core.
The DRiVR database collects and aggregates accident & road data from its users. The technology studies the road and alerts drivers to impending dangers – which can reduce accident exposure and save lives.

Accident Assistance.
DRiVR support team connects users to incident related service partners in the area.
Uber/Lyft Ride Share
Auto Body Repair
Car Rentals
And more from DRiVR’s network of partners.

Smart Connected Cities.
DRiVR’s Network of connected cars captures and localizes the city’s dynamics as part of its AI dash cam functionality.

The stream of data is processed by computer-vision algorithms, which identify and extract real-time insights on road conditions, traffic patterns, obstacles and infrastructure.

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The smarter and safer way to drive. Safer starts now.
Be alert, informed and protected.

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